DID YOU KNOW THAT 70% of doctor office and emergency room visits are unnecessary? (as reported by the American Medical Association)


Get Treatments, Referrals and Prescriptions at Your Convenience.

MDhotlineTM is available when you need it; get help with fewer headaches. Avoid waiting in lines for your non-emergency medical needs. Connect with a licensed physician from almost ANYWHERE! Our doctors can diagnose your condition, recommend treatment, write a prescription if necessary and send it to the pharmacy of your choice. If referral to a specialist is necessary our doctors with the help of the health concierge will locate a best specialist, make an appointment for you at a convenient time and send you a reminder.



Save Hundreds per Year on Medical Costs.

Save time, save money with fewer visits to the emergency room, urgent care center or doctor’s office. MDhotlineTM service is much less expensive. Reduce healthcare costs and save time and other resources without compromising quality of care.

ROI/SAVINGS – $60 – $700 per consultation




Affordable Peace of Mind for Your WHOLE Family!
MDhotlineTM takes care of your whole family when they need it 24/7 – including kids at home, boarding school or college. With MDhotlineTM you can rest assured that you and your loved ones, where ever they may be, have access to a doctor at all times.

Care Percentage – U.S. Patients


MDhotline Advantages

  • It’s Fast. No more waiting rooms; connect to a doctor instantly via phone or email.
  • It’s Convenient. You get access to care when you need it 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • It’s Affordable. Telemedicine costs less than traditional office visits.
  • It’s Easy. Process is simple, secure & electronically maintains your medical history.
  • It’s Reliable. Telemedicine doctors are all U.S. Based and licensed.
  • It’s Transferable. You can share your electronic medical records with your primary care physician, family, or other specialist.

Physicians available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • No age restrictions.
  • Secure, personal and portable electronic health records.
  • The average consultation time is 12 minutes.
  • All members will receive a call back from a physician in three hours.
  • Pediatric network available.


MDhotline Included Services:

– Doctor on Call 24/7
– Make Referrals and Appointments with Specialists
– Concierge Medical Assistance
– Medical Records Management
– Make Referrals and Appointments with Specialists
– Manage Prescriptions

Call Today and Get Medical Help From The Comfort of Your Own Home.