DID YOU KNOW THAT 70% of doctor office and emergency room visits are unnecessary? (as reported by the American Medical Association)


Get Treatments, Referrals and Prescriptions at Your Convenience.

MDhotlineTM is available when you need it; get help with fewer headaches. Avoid waiting in lines for your non-emergency medical needs. Connect with a licensed physician from almost ANYWHERE! Our doctors can diagnose your condition, recommend treatment, write a prescription if necessary and send it to the pharmacy of your choice. If referral to a specialist is necessary our doctors with the help of the health concierge will locate a best specialist, make an appointment for you at a convenient time and send you a reminder.



Save Hundreds per Year on Medical Costs.

Save time, save money with fewer visits to the emergency room,
urgent care center or doctor’s office. MDhotlineTM service is much less-expensive. Reduce healthcare costs and save time
and other resources without compromising quality of care.

ROI/SAVINGS – $60 – $700 per consultation




Affordable Peace of Mind for Your WHOLE Family!
MDhotlineTM takes care of your whole family when they need it 24/7 – including kids at home, boarding school or college. With MDhotlineTM you can rest assured that you and your loved ones, where ever they may be, have access to a doctor at all times.

Care Percentage – U.S. Patients


MDhotline Advantages

  • It’s Fast. No more waiting rooms; connect to a doctor instantly via phone or email.
  • It’s Convenient. You get access to care when you need it 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • It’s Affordable. Telemedicine costs less than traditional office visits.
  • It’s Easy. Process is simple, secure & electronically maintains your medical history.
  • It’s Reliable. Telemedicine doctors are all U.S. Based and licensed.
  • It’s Transferable. You can share your electronic medical records with your primary care physician, family, or other specialist.

Physicians available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • No age restrictions.
  • Secure, personal and portable electronic health records.
  • The average consultation time is 12 minutes.
  • All members will receive a call back from a physician in three hours.
  • Pediatric network available.


MDhotline Included Services:

– Doctor on Call 24/7
– Make Referrals and Appointments with Specialists
– Concierge Medical Assistance
– Medical Records Management
– Make Referrals and Appointments with Specialists
– Manage Prescriptions

Call Today and Get Medical Help From The Comfort of Your Own Home.